Tomato Plants - Static Grass Tufts

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Cultivated Flower Bushes

A staple in every garden, tomatoes are easy to grow and very useful. These were designed based on our own tomato plants in our garden here in the U.K.

Each Pack contains 5 Tomato Plants, we've painted them in the photos so you can see more easily what they look like but you'll make them look even better.

We haven't seperated each idividual scale for these, the size they grow to is so variable that it would just be over the top so we've seperated them into two sizes: small and large. The small are aimed at 00 scale up to 28mm wargames scale and the large are aimed at 1/48 up to O scale.

Models supplied unpainted.
Please send us your pictures so we can show how you've used the products and other folks can see it in action too.

Bulk/Trade Orders welcome, please contact us for details.

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