Stone Wall Sections - Modular Scenery

Stone Wall Sections - Modular Scenery

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Stone Wall Sections, 2" high and available in a selection of sizes to wrap them around a dungeon, lead down a corridor, ring around a manor or build a fort, use stackers to place them on top and create new storeys.

Use Wall bases to connect them to floor tiles or any other Modular Scenery.

Modular Scenery all connects together using a simple push fit system. No glue necessary and no fiddly clips so no snapping them when you need to quickly change the scenery. If you want a permanent layout then you can still choose to glue for additional structure. 

All Modular Scenery products have been designed and printed at a 0.025mm detail setting. They are supplied in unpainted resin.

Care: While all Modular Scenery products are checked and cleaned, there are times when there might be some residue still on resin products, if you come across this then use hot soapy water to clean before use.

Painting: For best results, use a primer basecoat spray before applying paint.





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