Stone Guard Tower - Castle Scenery

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Serious-Play Stone Guard Tower - Castle Scenery

A round stone tower with iron doors, stone steps that go uparound and wooden platforms one each level. The tower only requires pushing together to build it up and each storey can be removed to access models on lower levels.
Additional storeys can be added as well to make it taller.
The tower can also be connected to our Castle walls with Connecting sections.

Approx Dimensions: Diameter 110mm, Height 200mm.
Additional storeys can be added which will increase the height by 50mm.
Designed and manufactured in house by Serious-Play in Cornwall. Made from High detail resin. Supplied unpainted. We have created our walls and 3d printed them using high definition resin prints rather than cheaper PLA, this is because we want to have better crisp detail without lines like much of the castle scenery that is available. We then use these printed parts as our master templates to be cast in high detail casting resin.

Please send us your pictures so we can show how you've used the products and other folks can see it in action too.


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