Slime Beasts

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Serious-Play Slime Beasts

Disgusting slimey monstrous beasts or cavalry mounts! We've made them so you can use them as either and they can be incoperated into another army for a game, as long as it's grimey, slimey and grotesque!

Available in different sizes which we have based around 28mm wargaming but can be used for other things.

Standard - Cavalry (approx 71mm length, 46mm height)

Large - Large/monstrous mount or beast (approx 106mm length, 70mm height)

Monster -  (approx 177mm length, 116mm height)

Model supplied in unpainted resin.

Please send us your pictures so we can show how you've used the products and other folks can see it in action too.
Bulk/Trade Orders welcome, please contact us for details.

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