Dread Thicket - Landscape Texture

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Serious-Play Landscape Textures 'Dread Thicket'

A premium landscaping scatter made to create an expertly realistic covering. The textures are created with a mix of natural and artificial materials and are each based on a specific place, which they are named for. These are made from carefully selected and mixed materials to create a beautiful landscape straight from the bag or tub.

Landscape Textures contains a mixture of coarse and fine flock in different shades, static grass, mini bush foliage, fine stone chippings, a selection of dried wood chips and roots.This is a premium scatter which is perfect for very realistic scenes, apply simply with PVA or Scenery Glue for best results.

Small bags of Dread Thicket landscape texture are approx 14g but it varys depending on the weight of the materials, we just fill up the bag. Medium Bags again are approx 70g and litre tubs are of course just filled up to a litre.

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