Basing Bundle - Limited Edition - Changes Fortnightly

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Serious-Play Basing Bundle

Every fortnight we will bring out a new basing bundle. It will follow a similar structure each time with a theme. Our first basing bundle will be a snowy Christmas theme of course!

You can buy each bundle whenever you see one that your particularly like or you can subscribe and get them as soon as they come out each fortnight and a little discount too.

Here's what will be in the first Basing Bundle:

RRP: £17.12

- Icy True Tufts

- Resin Snowman

- Winter Pasture Landscape Texture

- Scorched Earth Modelling Flock

- Brown Flowers & Bushes Mix Tester Pack

- Old Green Fine Leaf Foliage 10g

- Ice Chunks 75g

- Snow Static 0.5mm 10g


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