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Small Bricks (precise scale).

These bricks are true scale. Most of the time true scale isn't needed for bricks as they are so small. Other companies use larger bricks as scale bricks. Unless you really need the exact scale then we recommend you use a larger scale of bricks as they look better usually and are much easier to work with. If you are using a scale smaller than 1/43 then you could easily bump up two sizes.

 Supplied unpainted on the sprue. Just spray the colour you want for ease.

Pack Sizes

Scale Standard Pack Large Pack
00 scale (1/76): 2.67 x 1.18 x 0.75mm
800+ bricks 4000+ bricks
28mm wargames (1/54): 3.76 x 1.67 x 1.06mm
400+ bricks 2000+ bricks
Dolls (1/48): 4.23 x 1.88 x 1.19mm
300+ bricks 1500+ bricks
O scale (1/43): 4.72 x 2.09 x 1.33mm
250+ bricks 1250+ bricks
Military Figures(1/35): 5.80 x 2.57 x1.63mm
200+ bricks 1000+ bricks
Farm and I scale(1/32): 6.34 x 2.81 x 1.78
150+ bricks 750+ bricks
Cars/Dolls/G scale(1/24) 100+ bricks 500+ bricks
Dolls house (1/12) 50+ bricks 250+ bricks

I only use resin prints so all models will be printed with a high level of detail.
More intricate models are printed as small as 10microns (0.01mm), some simpler models I may go up to 50 microns (0.05mm). Either way, resin is my material of choice, while it is more expensive for me to manufacture, I just prefer the way it produces models mode similar to cast resin.
Some parts of models, particularly if they sell well, I will be able to use high detail casting resin for.

Colours in image for display purposes. You can paint however you like. Any textures are part of the model however they are much more easily painted with larger models. My recomendation with smaller models is to simply use a wash or to drybrush if you wish to pick out detail.

I do my best to remove all supports and wash away any excess resin using IPA and a water bath but there may be some remaining, supports can be clipped of easily using hobby clippers or wire cutters. Excess residue can be washed off.
Some very small models might be kept on supports to make it easier to paint.
For best results, prime the model with a spray base coat before painting.

Resin models are fragile. Please don’t drop them! I cannot accept returns if you’ve broken a model, if it arrives broken then please let me know as soon as it arrives and I will replace the broken part.

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