Building a Castle

Building a Castle

We've been playing at building castles! It's fun, especially when it's easy, no clips, just sliding things together. We love these fortifications so much and want to get them out to you too so we've decide to have an introductory offer for the Fortification Set A.

Special Price: £120

RRP: £149.99

Individual Sections Price: £179.93

The Castle/City Walls

We wanted to make walls and towers and all the defensive structures you find around a city to defend it but we wanted the models to feel strong like they would be in real life so each wall is just under 2cm thick. There's no complexity to fitting bits together with flat panels, there's just chunky walls and walkways that slot in, you can glue them down and they will be super strong or keep them as they are so you can change the layout.

We've also got curved walls and bases to slot the walls into the build a bigger and more impressive scene. Keep an eye out for the extras we'll be bringing out to ramp up these ramparts to the next level.